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The Alcance Fundation, Inc.

The Alcance Foundation, Inc. promotes opportunities for development and comprehensive training for families living in conditions of social vulnerability, in impoverished communities with low economic resources. Providing them with basic necessities, psychoeducational talks, and spiritual support.

Our Mission

To work on the integral development of families and communities in conditions of greater social vulnerability and limited economic resources. Through projects, we will encourage communities to develop their creativity and ability to improve their quality of life, dietary quality, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, involving families and communities to work in a supportive and cooperative manner with local, national, and international organizations to achieve these goals.

We are a committed, solid, respected, and recognized organization whose interventions promote and support the comprehensive development of impacted families and the social areas in which they live, thereby contributing to their well-being and a better quality of life.


We work day by day with the goal of blessing those who need it most.

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